Singapore Customs Restricted Items

Written by Ng Yu Hang

Prohibited Items for Import and Export

Chewing gum (except dental and medicated gum) 
Chewing tobacco and tobacco substitution (electronic cigarettes) 
Cigarette lighters 
Controlled drugs and psychotropic substances 
Endangered species of wildlife and products thereof 
Fireworks or other flammable or explosive material. 
Pornography and other types of obscenities. 
Counterfeit materials and any materials breaching copyrights.
Subversive material
Treasonous material 
Cigarettes not marked SDPC 
Restricted Items for Import
Weapons and ammunition can be brought in only with permission from Singapore Police Force 
Pets and any type of foodstuff permissible only when agreed with Veterinary Authority of Singapore or contact the nearest Embassy 
Telecommunication and Radio Communication Equipment is subject of approval from The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Video and audio recording equipment, and cartridges, films CDs and DVDs need to be declared and maybe subject to a check. For more information contact Media Development Authority.
Medication – thoroughly documented, in original packaging and supplemented with doctor’s note or proper prescription. For further details please contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate or Health Authority.
Free Import
For over 18 years old:
Up to 3l of alcohol allowance which include not more than 1l of spirit and combination of up 2l of beer and wine (2l of wine and 1l of beer or 2l of beer and 1l of wine if not brining any spirit). Alcohol coming from Malaysia is fully dutiable.
Please Note! No free import of tobacco and only cigarettes marked SDPC can be imported (see the Cigarettes Guidelines in Contact tab)
Free Import of items (gifts, souvenirs, new item, foodstuff) worth up to 300, Singapore Dollars allowance for over 18 years old and 100, Singapore Dollars allowance for minors.