Travel Advice for Singaporean Travellers

Written by Serene Low

Register with MFA 

- Register online to notify the MFA of your travel plans so they can contact and assist you during emergencies abroad. It’s also a good idea to let members of your family know of your contact details and travel plans before you head overseas.
Before You Go
- It is recommended to buy the proper insurance in case of medical or travel related emergencies like lost baggage, injury or delays.
- Ensure you have multiple photocopies of your IC, credit cards, driving license and passport on your person and with your family members.
- It is also advisable to research on cultural taboos in the areas you’re visiting so you know what to expect on your travels.
- Bring along evidence (monetary statements) that you have enough funds to support yourself. Some countries will refuse entry to travellers who they find financially lacking.
- Make sure your credit card is properly activated so you can access your funds from cash machines overseas. Check with your respective credit card companies for overseas withdrawal procedures and the additional charges that apply.
Ensure the Validity of Your Travel Documents
- Most countries require a passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry, so get your renewed if you have to (do factor in the waiting time for the new passport).
- Besides passport expiry dates, it would also be helpful to check the visa requirements of the countries you’re visiting so you don’t overstay or get turned away at the gate.
- Ensure that you have the necessary documents (visa, boarding/onward/return passes) for entry into the next country on your itinerary.
- If you plan to drive overseas, check out how to apply for an International Driving Permit here.
While Overseas
- Do not leave your belongings unattended, and take extra care of your possessions in crowded areas, especially in tourist hotspots.
- Bring along travellers’ cheques or credit cards instead of carrying excessive amounts of cash with you.
- Beware of lax standards in food hygiene, especially when consuming street food.
- Obey the local customs and laws to avoid unnecessary conflict.
- Before buying anything, ensure it is compliant with the customs regulations of your next few destinations.
For more information, visit MFA's official site.