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Baba Travel

Baba Travel

30 Raffles Place, Chevron House #23-00 Singapore 048622
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Baba Travel- The only worthy travel agency

Stop Searching. Just imagine,sunrise in Detroit, a company meeting and dinner reservation in Johannesburg, a seminar in Adelaide the next day and eventually sunset with family back in Detroit.This is a dream come true for every person working with a company with ties all over the world.Three continents all under 48 hours.We are the only travel agency which can make this possible.

Baba Travel stands out from the rest because we offer high quality transport services.We boast of the best carriers; our planes are among the best with highly trained and experienced pilots.Buses and vans are modern,comfortable and in the best condition.

If you ever dreamt of a flexible travel agency then your dreams have come true.We literally organize trips to every part of the world, be it just in the states or outside the continent, we can always take you there.

The most reliable travel agency is finally here.There has never been cases of passengers complaining about getting delayed.We are very strict when it comes to keeping time.Our objective is to get you to your destination on time, this is the only way we can help your company be productive because your success is ours.

The most important benefit is that we offer all these services to your company at the most friendly cost ever.The only travel agency which cares more about the services we give than what we get ourselves.

We do it like it has never been done before, from transporting you to your destination to making reservations for you.This travel agency caters that for you, you might not be familiar with the place you are going but with us that can never be a problem.

Baba Travel is a proud winner of Singapore's Outstanding Enterprise​ 2016!
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