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Best for Europe 2015

The quaint cafes and cobbled streets are almost all it takes for your entire trip to turn out the way that you've imagined it. With the smell of coffee in the air and ambient sounds of early morning conversations, wake up to the vibrant streets of Europe.

EU Holidays differentiates itself by focusing on long haul tours to destinations like Europe and USA, mainly providing travel services, tour packages and cruises to Singaporeans and Malaysians. Just 5 years since its birth, EU Holidays has already become a professional agency specialising in Europe tours with widely popular packages like 13D10N Italy Switzerland France (Winter) and 14D11N Highlights Of Eastern Europe (Winter).

Always putting their customers first, they go one step further by giving their customers an unforgettable experience. This has won them market recognition as the leading travel agent for Europe holidays.

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EU Holidays

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