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Best for China 2015

Picture yourself walking down the bustling night streets, with the sounds of sizzling and the aromas of street food filling up the air. A perfect holiday is in tow. China is the place to be to get the bang for your buck and for foodies at heart!

Neway Travel Service Pte Ltd is a fully integrated travel agency specializing in all aspects of travel in terms of developing, packaging, marketing, and distributing travel products and services. With a large variety of specialised China packages like 8D Yunnan Luoping Yuanyang Jianshui or 12 Days Mount Everest Tibetan Plateau Heavenly Beauty Lake Top of the World Tour, there is just too many good packages to choose from.

You could be anyone of any age; you could be a family looking for memorable experiences, or a working adult in search for a break from working life, or even a student on a shoestring budget. Rest assured that you'll be having a quality travel experience-just see what their customers have to say about their holidays with Neway Travel Service Pte Ltd!

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We are delighted to receive the award for Best for China. We believe in partnering with only the best and most reliable overseas service providers to ensure that our customers get quality service and a memorable travel experience, especially for a land as vast and as beautiful as China.

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