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Best for China 2016

A country of ancient history and wonders, China has always been a top choice amongst tourists worldwide. From the iconic Great Wall that stretches for miles, the imposing Terracotta Army, to the sprawling palace complex of the Forbidden City, you will find yourself immersed with the numerous tales, legends and mysteries that the country has to offer in this modern day and age!

Nam Ho Travel prides itself with a comprehensive range of personalised travel services that are tailored for any type of individuals, prioritising convenience, attractiveness and affordability above all else. With featured packages such as 7D Tour in Imperial Beijing and 8D Shanghai Blooming Flower Value Tour, Nam Ho Travel establishes itself as one of the top travel agencies for outbound group tours and holidays to China.

Nam Ho Travel is also continuously looking to improve and expand their current packages, with their product development team on the hunt for new destinations and rising tourist attractions. Their 8D Guiyang Discovery Tour is a fine example of their dedication to explore the road less travelled.

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