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Best for Rail Tours 2016

Train travel is the most hassle-free choice to reach your destination. Trains go almost everywhere, from small villages to major cities. Most trains leave on regular schedules and do not have baggage restrictions, so you can travel with absolute peace of mind. Most travels on the trains and rail services come with spectacular views! This style of travel is ideal for the independent, free-spirited traveller who wants to travel on their own itinerary without strict schedules. In most countries with developed railway networks, there are also exclusive Rail Pass deals for tourists to purchase before their arrival into the destination.

Platform 9 is Singapore’s first and only one-stop site providing instant bookings of rail passes for Europe, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Rail passes can provide savings of up to 60% especially if travelers will be taking more than 3 to 5 train rides during their holiday. Coupled with great service quality and competitive rates, Platform9 provides you with the best options to start your rail adventure.

So if you’re visiting, Europe, Japan, South Korea or Taiwan, get your rail passes and start exploring today. To view the full list of packages offered by Platform9, click here.


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