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8 Days Shanghai + Thousand Island Lake Tour

8 Days Shanghai + Thousand Island Lake Tour
  • 8 days
  • Group Tour
  • Dec 2017 - Sep 2018
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133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point #03-09/10 Singapore 059413

8 Days Shanghai + Thousand Island Lake Tour

Day 1: Singapore - Shanghai - Haining
The prime minister mansion style street:one contains profound historical and cultural reproduction of the the refreshing scenery Features humanities Street.Spend Habitat Jascha :"previous" brothel "District, the main display of the brothel and Prostitutes cultural phenomenon, the two wing upstairs, downstairs, respectively, show the brothel and music, and literature, and celebrities. Yanguan Town: is one of the fifteen historical and cultural town of Zhejiang Province, the first approved, its long history, splendid folk culture, folklore and spectacular tidal bore of Haining is famous for touching.

Day 2: Haining - TunXi
Haining China Leather City:the leather industry leading market, the distribution center of the national leather clothing, fur clothing, Pijuxiangbao, fur, leather, leather price information, market, trends release center. Tunxi Old Street: is located in the central area of Tunxi District, Huangshan City , inlaid in the mountains between.

Day 3: TunXi - Huangshan - Tunxi
Huangshan Scenic Area , located in the southern territory of Huangshan City of Anhui Province , Huangshan Scenic Area is 69 km away from the city government seat of Tunxi ,

Day 4 : TunXi - Thousand Island Lake - Hangzhou
Qiandao Lake :on the whole lake is divided into about differences in the area of the southeast, northwest, southwest and northeast of the five geographical style, in which the center and southeast of Lake District has developed become commercial tourism area. Boat ride West lake: tour along both the old and new lake past thru the old bridges, known as the martial arts water .

Day 5: Hangzhou - Wuxi
Potential export houses the museum: is located in the the Huangshan the first peaks ----- potential export Zixia foothills, and
when entering Huangshan arteries Ning, Jiangxi, Shanghai, Hangzhou, yard, elegant environment.

Day 6: WuXi - Suzhou 
Tang Yin Park: Tang Yin (1470- 1523),the world the Bohu, more word sub Wei,Suzhou a famous painter of the Ming Dynasty and attack poetry calligraphy called Ruin. Four with ShenZHou , Wen Zhengming.

Day 7: Suzhou - Shanghai
Shanghai Xintiandi: is a historical and cultural style, fusion of Chinese and Western urban attractions. City God Temple: There is one famous saying: If you go to Shanghai and do not visit the Shanghai City God Temple, means you have not visit Shanghai.

Day 8 : Shanghai - Singapore
Shanghai Nanjing Road: one of the famous bustling commercial street . Take a specified time by your own and take international flight back to your lovely-hometown.