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8 Days Love In Taiwan + Alisan

8 Days Love In Taiwan + Alisan
  • 8 days
  • Group Tour
  • Jan 2018 - Sep 2018
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133 New Bridge Road Chinatown Point #03-09/10 Singapore 059413

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8 Days Love In Taiwan + Alisan

Day 1: Singapore - Taipei – Taichung. Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia Night Market: The largest night market in Taiwan, a great place for a variety of novel,interesting snacks and trendiest clothes at reasonable prices. Try the delicious snacks like“cheese and potato”, “honey lemon aloe vera”, “paper cake” and etc.

Day 2: Taichung – Nantou. Sun Moon Lake – Wenwu Temple – JiaYi. WuFeng Memorial
Sun Moon Lake: Ranked amongst one of Taiwan's top tourist destinations, Sun Moon Lake got its name because its northern precinct resembles the sun while its southern part has the shape of a crescent moon.
Wen Wu Temple: This temple is built to enshrine and worship Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Fei.
WuFeng Memorial Park: WuFeng was from the Qing Dynasty, who settled down in Taiwan, Alishan with his parents. An intelligent kind young man, he was selected as a government official to take care of the natives in Alishan. In order to stop the cruel practice of human sacrifice, WuFeng later sacrificed himself and a Memorial Park was built to remember his courageous spirit. The low, red-clay walls, with many octagonal, circular and jar-shaped openings, windows and doorways provide many intriguing multi-layered views through several of the parks' enclosures. A walk through the park brings one back into the 18th century Taiwan.

Day 3: *Alishan Zhushan Sunrise (includes Zhushan sunrise viewing train ride) – Alishan Forestation Recreation Area – Tsou Cultural Tribe Village– Kaohsiung- New Horie district
Alishan Zhushan Sunrise: The sunrise at Alishan is what draws throngs of visitors to the mountain's summit in central Taiwan. Take the [sunrise viewing train] from Alishan station to Zhushan Station, the highest train station above sea level. Witness a ball of intense white light bursting into the sky as its majestic glow filtered through the misty clouds circling the mountain peaks. Take a deep breadth of fresh air, and admire the beauty of nature.
(*Note: Morning call at about 4am to prepare to witness the spectacular Alishan sunrise. All activities will be subjected to weather conditions in the mountain range and expected sunrise timetable. Please prepare warm clothing. Average 14-24C in summer and 5-16oC in winter).
Alishan Forestation Recreation Area: A renowned scenic spot in Taiwan, 3000m above sea level with boasting cool weather that support a unique eco-system and scenic beauty. Stroll into the mountains, discover the enchanting natural sights such as Sisters Pond, Sacred Tree,3 Generation Trees and Shouzhen Temple among others.
Tsou Cultural Tribe Village: The Tsous were the first people to settle in Alishan and are dwindling in their numbers. With deft hands and honed skills, the Tsous recreated a small Tsou tribal village for tourists to explore the rich culture of the aboriginals through in-depth tourism and participation.
Liu He Night Market: One of Kaohsiung's liveliest nightspots. This night market is a popular tourist-shopping place and is always busy from dusk to early dawn. When the night market is open, the street becomes a pedestrian-only area. On weekends, vendors set up a number of dining areas so that tourists can enjoy sit down meals. It features a variety of low priced snacks and a comfortable and safe dining atmosphere.

Day 4: Kaohsiung. Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center – Meinong Hakka Folk Village – Taitung.
Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center: The newly constructed Buddha Memorial Center is built next to the Fo Guang Shan Monastery and serves as a hub for Buddhist education and cultural exchange. The complex faces east and is built along a central axial line. There is the Welcoming Hall, the eight Chinese-styled pagodas that stand for the Noble Eightfold Path, Photo Terrace, Bodhi Square, Memorial Hall, four stupas that symbolize the Four Noble Truths, and the Fo Guang Buddha. 
Meinong Hakka Folk Village: As a traditional Hakka farming village, Meinong Hakka Folk Village is one of the best preserved in Taiwan.
Its residents have carefully kept their traditional Hakka customs and traditions, evident in their unique dressing, music and food. Be greeted byoil-paper umbrellas, and a variety of authentic Hakka goodies.

Day 5: Taitung. Three Fairy Platform – Baxian Buddhist Caves – Shitiping Fishing Habour – Hualien. Taroko Gorge
Three Fairy Platform: Classified as a nature reservation in Taiwan, Three Fairy Platform was named after a legend believing that three fairies once rested on this island. Rich in ecology, the island is covered with gigantic rocks filled with beautiful coral reefs and tropical fish, and is said to be the most beautiful place for the undersea exploration in Taiwan.
Baxian Buddhist Caves: Dozens of natural sea caves facing the Pacific Ocean, the Baxian Buddhist Caves is a mix of religious culture with natural landscape. Ranked as a first classnational historical site, this is the oldest prehistorical site in Taiwan, where rich Paleolithic pottery cultural remains was first found.Shitiping Fishing Habour: Shitiping or “Stone Steps” in Mandarin is a small campground in Taiwan's East Coast National Scenic Area. The campground sits on a beautiful stretch of rocky geology formed by a mixture of coral reefs, sea erosion and cliffs.
Taroko Gorge: The magnificent gorge was formed by rushing waters from the mountains, which cut through the marble and granite to create many beautiful narrow ravines with waterfalls and rapids.

Day 6: Hualien. *East Coast Scenic Rail – Yilan – Jiufen – Taipei– Aboriginal Local Product – Taipei 101 Shopping Mall – Hsimenting
Jiufen: Sense the strong ancient aura as you roam the old fashioned alleys, shop houses that is built in the olden Taiwanese style connecting one another throughout the whole alley. Taste delicious local delicacies like Taiwanese beef noodles, red bean meat ball, taro, sweet potatoes and etc.
Taipei 101 Shopping Mall: At 508 meters (1,671 feet) it is the tallest building in the world, and the first skyscraper to break the halfkilometer mark. Taipei 101 has 106 floors (five are below ground), of which the first through fourth above-ground floors are taken up by a huge, classy shopping center (Taipei 101 Mall) packed with expensive designer-label clothing stores and luxury restaurants.
Hsimenting: Combination of the Japanese, American and the Chinese culture has make this place the most fashionable area where funky designs, fashion design, latest software, gaming, has seen this place populated with many teenagers and youngster’s favourite hangouts in Taipei. Besides having so much fun and entertainment, comes to food and beverage there is the famous “Ah Zhong Noodle”, Bubble Milk Tea and etc.

Day 7: Taoyuan – *One way High Speed Rail – Taipei – Shenkeng Toufu Street (Free! Toufu Ice Cream) – Tienlu Handicraft – LinJiang Street Night Market
Shenkeng Toufu Street: Located at the lush green mountainous area of Shenkeng Township. Its magnificent scenery and rise of the renowned Shenkeng tofu in recent years has attracted countless visitors. Both sides of the old street are filled with various small eats, art shops and stalls that enable visitors to shop and eat at the same time! Known for its tofu, one should not miss out the array of tofu dishes on Shenkeng Toufu Street.
LinJiang St. Night Market: Also known as TongHua Night Market, this night market is one of the locals' favourites. Populated with nearly 200 stalls selling a wide array of snack food, check out the tasty popular dishes such as ganban noodles in meat broth, Taiwanese-style hamburgers, oyster noodles, rice noodle soup, and just anything you may be hungering for. At the other side of the street, look out for fashionable goodies at budget price!

Day 8: Taipei - Singapore
After breakfast, free at own leisure until meeting time for your flight back to Singapore.