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Legoland & Puteri Harbour Day Tripper

Legoland & Puteri Harbour Day Tripper
  • 1 day
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  • Jul 2018 - Dec 2018
  • SGD 24

TripZilla Legoland & Puteri Harbour Day Tripper

390 Victoria Street, #01-49 Golden Landmark, Singapore 188061

Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd was formed in early 1993 to provide better services for the travel industry. The main objective of the company is dealing with selling of airline tickets globally, Group Departures, exotic tours, traveling by coaches, trains, tours with halal meals for Muslim customers and many more.
In year 2000 we expanded and opened the Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage tour) department. We are not concentrating only on Singapore pilgrim but also working hand in hand with our counterparts such as Malaysia and Indonesia.
Our motto is: ' Your comfort is our priority ' and we offer quality and professional service for all our customers' travel needs.
We are proud to present you the following package:
Legoland & Puteri Harbour Day Tripper 
(till 31 Dec 2018)

Jetabout x Tourism Australia (9 - 30 Oct)