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  • 8 days
  • Group Tour
  • Mar 2019 - Dec 2019
  • SGD 1418

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In/out Qingdao

Mount Taishan + Yantai Whale Shark Museum + Gold Panning Town + Coastal City Qingdao + Kite City of Weifang + Confucius Hometown Qufu + Spring City Jinan 

Day 1
Lunch: Qingdao Liuting Cuisine   ★Dinner: Yantai Jiaodong Cuisine + Noodle 
5* Days Inn Business Place Boyue or Similar

Day 2
Local Farmer Feast   Dinner: Weifang Cuisine
✔Hotel: 5* Weifang Blue Horizon International Hotel Or Similar

Day 3
 Jinan Cuisine   Dinner: Confucian Cuisine  
✔Hotel: International 5* Shangri-La Hotel Or Similar

Day 4
Lucai Cuisine   Dinner: Hotel Buffet Dinner
✔Hotel: 5*Baosheng Hotel or Similar

Day 5
 Local Flavour    ★Dinner: Cantonese  Flavour 
✔Hotel: 5*Baosheng Hotel or Similar

Day 6
 Qingdao Seafood Steamboat Cuisine    
★Dinner: German Cuisine
✔Hotel: International 5* Sheraton Huangdao Hotel Or Similar

Day 7
 Qingdao Cuisine + Fisherman ‘s Meal   Dinner: 
Qingdao Cuttlefish Dumpling Feast
✔Hotel: International 5* Sheraton Huangdao Hotel Or Similar

Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for the flight to coastal city-Qingdao. Upon arrival, transfer to Yantai. (2.5 hours) along the way you can enjoy the scenery of the lovely fruits garden. Upon arrival, visit Haichang Whale Shark Museum, the first marine science and technology museum to be themed after whale sharks. The museum is divided into whale shark, shark, turtle, coral, jellyfish, tropical fish and other sections, and has China’s first high-tech 360° LED movie. Within the whale shark display area, marvel at the majestic predators of the marine realm through a 16.68m long and 5.18m tall Asia’s largest single acrylic glass. Thereafter, visit Changyu Wine Museum which traces the history of Changyu wine from 18th century up to 21st century. View the bottling process, tour the European-style underground wine storage and sample Changyu grape wines. You will also view The Grand Cellar, which is over 100 years old and is Asia’s oldest wine cellar.
Note: Lunch will not be included if flight arrives after lunch time.

This morning, coach toward Zhaoyuan (2 hours) and visit the China Golden Museum, it consist Golden Mine, Virtual Show , which uses high technology such as sound, light, electricity, animation to create an engaging virtual experience for  visitors. Next visit the Golden Museum which had the History, Culture and the knowledge like a Book of Encyclopedia. Afterward take a railway ride to explore the mystery of the Mine Zone, by using the identity of mine worker and also have an overview of how’s the gold was formed from the volcanic activity millions years ago. As well as comparing the gold mining from the Song Dynasty Era to this century. By preserving the historical relic, factory and the facilities of the past, this will show the 20 century golden production technology. Next visit the Golden Panning Town to experience the Gold Panning, Entertainment District, The God of Wealth, the rich aromatic and elegance Temple. After which, coach towards Weifang (2.5hours) .Upon arrival, visit the Yangjiabu Kite Village to learn more on the process of how kites and Chinese woodcut paintings are made.

After breakfast, enjoy a 2.5-hour car ride to Jinan, the capital of eastern China’s Shandong province. Upon arrival, visit Daming Lake Park. Daming Lake is located at the imperial palace residence which Emperor Qianlong resided whenever he toured Jiangnan. Be captivated by the picturesque scenery of the lake being surrounded by lotus flowers, willows and the reflection of a mountain on the crescent shaped lake. Thereafter, board a sight-seeing boat to explore Jinan’s Moat River.  Jinan’s Moat River is the only river in China formed by the intersection of natural springs – Black Tiger Spring, Baotu Spring, Wulongtan and Pearl Spring. The natural springs, together with the cascading water, willow trees and pathway on the shore forming an alluring wetland scenery as well as creating a tranquil sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Continue to view Black Tiger Spring, one of the 72 renowned natural springs of Jinan.  The spring water is originated from a deep natural cave and the water is funneled and flowed out of the mouths of three ornamental stone-carved tiger heads into a square-shaped spring pool. From there it runs into the old city moat, next to where the spring is located. A unique cityscape of local residents going to the shore to draw natural spring water from Black Tiger Spring every day is formed. Proceed to visit Wulongtan. From around March, the cherry blossoms trees at Wulongtan will start to bloom as they welcome the arrival of spring. Thereafter, go on a 2.5-hour car ride towards Qufu.
* If the cruise tour along the Moat River is cancelled, it will be replaced by cruise tour on the Daming Lake.

Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, an influential Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure as well as the birthplace of Confucian studies.After breakfast,visit the Confucius Mansion. The mansion is residency of the direct descendant of Confucius and the government offices.  The mansion is also said to be the existing largest and oldest mansion of the feudal aristocracy, known as the "No 1 Mansion of the world". After which, transfer to Ti’an, enjoy the buffet dinner at hotel.

Start the day with a visitation to Dai Temple at own expenses. It is the biggest and most completed ancient building, and is where the emperors in the history held the Fengshan ceremony and paid tribute to God of Mt Taishan. Continue to visit Mt Taishan. It is known as the “1st of the 5 major mountains” in China and a symbol for the China nation. It is listed with both World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Next, we will visit the Nantian GateYuhuang Peak and Sky Street. After dinner, enjoy the large-scale performance <China Mount Taishan Ceremony> which is inspired by the Mt Taishan culture and revolves around the history of Qin, Han,, Tang, Song and Qing emperors ascending the mountain to conduct the religious ritual known as “Feng Shan”. The highlight of the show is the 180° panoramic view of natural scenery as the stage combined with the modern sound, light, chorography and the team of cast to interpret the local culture and bring the audience 5000 years back in time and experience the Mt Taishan Feng Shan culture.
* <China Mount Taishan Ceremony> subjected to weather conditions, if cancelled will be replaced by <Taishan Shadow Play>.

Today, return to Qingdao (4.5 hours) also known as the Aegean. The island is a white lighthouse beacon of Jiaozhou Bay was built by the Germans in 1900. Explore Tsingtao Beer Brewery to sample a glass of freshly brewed beer coupled in the indulgence of the German Cuisine within the Tsingtao Beer Brewery’s restaurant.

*Seasonal bonus for departures: (subjecting to weather conditions)
April: Peony Flower viewing site, strawberry picking.
September: Grape picking.

This morning, visit Eight Passes Scenic Area. Continue to tour Zhanqiao where you can experience the sea breeze on the 440m long Zhanqiao which extends to the sea. Visit Qingdao’s famous Catholic Church (exterior),which is the largest gothic architectural style building and a great outdoor photography site for couples taking their wedding photography.Afterward proceed to Olympic Sailing Center and May 4th Square, which used to be the venue for the 2008 Olympics. Next, visit Music Square followed by the exterior of Qingdao Municipal Building.
*Seasonal bonus for departures in April:  Cherry blossoms viewing in Qingdao (subjecting to the weather conditions).

After breakfast, proceed to a local specialty supermarket to buy some local produce, thereafter proceed to visit Qingdao’s famous Firewood Court Street where you can savour the local snacks. After that, transfer to Qingdao airport for your flight back to Singapore.

*Additional Package: RMB550/Adult, RMB240/Child (below 1.2m),
Inclusive of: Qingdao German Municipal Building + Former Residence Memorial of Kang Youwei + Dai Temple + Night Market + Car ride view along the longest coastal bridge across the Yellow Sea.    

*Floral Season (for reference only, seasonal blooms are subject to weather conditions):
Peony: Early Apr- Mid Apr; Jasmine nudiflorum: End Mar-Mid Apr; Plum/Crab-apple/Magnolia flower: End Mar-Mid Apr; Oriental Cherry: Early Apr - Mid Apr; Peach/Apricot: End Mar-Early Apr; China Rose: End May-Oct

*Fruit picking (subject to weather conditions):
April: Strawberry picking.
September: Grape picking.



  • Seasonal bonus is subject to weather conditions, in case of adverse weather conditions will be replaced with fruit tasting.
  • Triple sharing room will be an additional bed, subject to limited conditions
  • Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise specified.  
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  • Any extension/deviation after the tour is subject to the stipulated date stated on the air ticket prior to departure.