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  • 8 days
  • Group Tour
  • Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
  • SGD 1228

TripZilla CN8ST1

150 South Bridge Road, #07-01 Fook Hai Building, Singapore 058727

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Visit the three UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Shanxi: Mt Wutai,Yungang Grottoes, Pingyao Ancient City

Mt Wutai: The first of the four renowned Buddhist mountains in China, it was named as the Golden Mountain, and hailed as a “cool sacred site” of the Manjushri Bodhisattva. 

Chan Brothers Travel Exclusive: Ascend to the Dailuo Peak of Mt Wutai by cableway to view and worship the Manjushri Bodhisattva*

Yungang Grottoes: Built during the Northern Wei Dynasty, it was the first large grotto dug presided by the royal dignitaries. The grottoes are divided into 3 parts, namely: the East, the Central and the West. 

Pingyao Ancient City:  The city walls were originally built during the West Zhou Dynasty and undergo several expansion and maintenance in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Its current city layout was preserved since the early Ming dynasty and is the most well preserved ancient city of China.  This is the only Han ancient city in China that has been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Yanmen Pass: "The first pass of China”, which is an important pass of the Great Wall

The Xuan Kong Monastery: The spectacular Hanging Temple in China has been suspended 246-feet above ground for 1,500 years.  It is also notable for being the only temple left that represents a combination of traditional Chinese religions: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. 

Stay at local 4 to 5 star hotels throughout*:

  • 1N Stay at International 5* Great Palace Hotel Datong or equivalent
  • 1N Stay at Yingxian Local 5* Wanhao Kaiyue Hotel or equivalent
  • 1N Stay at Mt Wutai 4* Huahui Hotel or equivalent
  • 1N Stay in the Ancient Inn at the Pingyao Ancient City or equivalent
  • Upgrade 2 nights stay at International 5* Pullman Taiyuan Hotel or equivalent

Local Shanxi Specialties: Datong specialty hotpot, Mount Wutai vegetarian feast, Pingyao specialties,  Shanxi noodles, International Buffet at local 5* Hotel


(Meals on Board/Dinner)
Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Beijing. Upon arrival, take the coach to “Phoenix City” or “China’s Coal City”, Datong.

After breakfast, visit Yungang Grottoes, one of China’s 4 grottoes that has been listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. They are an outstanding example of the Chinese stone carvings from the 5th and 6th centuries. There are 53 major caves, along with 51,000 niches housing the same number of Buddha statues. Additionally, there are around 1,100 minor caves. A Ming Dynasty-era fort is still located on top of the cliff housing the Yungang Grottoes. Thereafter, visit Nine Dragon Wall. After that, we will proceed to Xuankong Monastery. It was built more than 1,400 years ago and it is the only temple that consists of the Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism elements.  It hangs mid-air from a cliff surface. The renowned Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai had described the architecture of the monastery as “spectacular”. Next visit Yingxian Pagoda.
After breakfast, take the coach to Yanmen Pass, which is known as "the first pass of China" and is an important pass in the Great Wall. It is a very important symbol in history. Now there are still many ruins. After that, proceed to Mt. Wutai, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.  It is one of 5 World Buddhist sacred sites and first among the four renowned Buddhist Mountains in China. And it is the only place in China that co-exist both Chinese Buddhist temple and Tibetan temple. 

After breakfast, visit Mt Wutai. It is the dojo for Manjusri Bodhisattva as well as a popular summer retreat.  Next, we will visit the Bodhisattva Peak which is known as the “Little Potala”.  Emperor Kangxi and Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty had made numerous visits and would stay at the Peak.  Its red pillars and walls as well as the golden tiles make it spectacularly grand and luxurious and comparable to the royal architectural.  Thereafter, we will visit Mt Wutai’s largest green sect temple, Xiantong Temple and the Tayuan Temple where we pray for wisdom.  Next, we will see the external façade of the Buddha dagoba which is the symbol of Mt Wutai. After that, we will proceed to the Wuye Temple to seek blessings for your family and yourself.  We will then ascend by cableway to the *Dailuo Peak where you may worship the Manjushri Bodhisattvas of 5 directions. After that, proceed to Taiyuan. Taiyuan is the capital city of Shanxi Province. Taiyuan is a 2,400-year-old historical ancient town surrounded on three sides by mountains.  It is an important strategic city of the northern China and known as the North gate to the central plains.
*Note: The Dailuo Peak is the “little pilgrimage” as there are 5 different Bodhisattva statues at 5 different peaks.  When one has gone around all the 5 peaks of Mt Wutai, it is said that you have worshipped all the 5 Bodhisattva statues and would have therefore done the “great pilgrimage”. 
*Note: cable car to Dailuo Peak is a complimentary item. However, in the event of heavy snow or any unforeseen circumstances which result in the closure of the ropeway, there will be no replacements.

After breakfast, we will visit the Qiao Family Courtyard, the filming site for the movie “Raise the Red Lantern”.  It consists of 6 big courtyards, 19 small courtyards and 313 rooms. The Qiao Family Courtyard is a shining pearl in the history of the Qing Dynasty’s northern folks. After that, we will tour the ancient city of Pingyao (tram ride included), a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. You will be transported back in time upon entering the ancient city. The street layout, shops, buildings, temples and officials’ residences have been conserved and maintained in their original state as from the Ming and Qing dynasties.  By strolling down the Ming Qing Street, you will feel the bustling “Wall Street of China” some 200 years ago.  You can also find many antiques collection from the Jin Shang dynasties.  There are also the Pingyao polished lacquer ware, one of the top 4 famous lacquer ware in China.  Thereafter, we will proceed to visit the Ri Sheng Chang Bank - the first private bank in China, and ascend Pingyao Ancient City Wall - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and view the most well conserved county office of China - the Pingyao County Office. This evening, you will appreciate the Youjian Pingyao Show at your own expense.

After breakfast, visit Shanxi Museum. It is a modern comprehensive museum and the largest cultural based infrastructure invested in Shanxi. For dinner, taste Shanxi noodles while enjoying some local performances which include Shanxi folk songs and Jin opera.

After breakfast, at your own expense, visit the Coal Museum and take a ride on the mini train through the stimulate mine shaft to experience the whole process of coal mining. Thereafter, we will visit Donghu Vinegar Cultural Park.  This is the only vinegar production facility in Shanxi that is open to public. The Shanxi vinegar, with its unique history and culture, has become an important representation of the Jin dynasty vinegar.  It is also well-recognized by the locals as their preferred choice of vinegar.  By touring around the culture park, you will be able to observe the 600-year-old traditional way of how the handmade vinegar is produced. Next, visit the Jin Ancestral Hall at your own expense. After that, visit Liuxiang Business District. Enjoy international buffet at the Pullman Hotel for dinner.

(Breakfast/meal on board)
After breakfast, take the high-speed train (second-class seating) to Beijing for your flight back to Singapore.
*Note: Taiyuan-Beijing Railway (second-class), limited to 1 piece of check-in luggage per pax, portage will be provided. Passengers are responsible for their valuable on board.


Additional Tour Pacakge: RMB600/Pax
1. Youjian Pingyao Show    2.Jin Ancestral Hall   3.Coal Museum with train ride


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