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6/7N Dynamic Korea (Jeongseon / Pyeongchang / Gyeonggi / Seoul) - code : KHDKF08

6/7N Dynamic Korea (Jeongseon / Pyeongchang / Gyeonggi / Seoul) - code : KHDKF08
  • 6 days
  • Group Tour
  • Mar 2020 - Nov 2020
  • SGD 1499

TripZilla KHDKF08

1 Jalan Berseh, #02-28 New World Centre Singapore 209037



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  • 6 Nights hotel accommodation
  • Meals as per itinerary
  • Sightseeing Tours, Entrance Fees and land transportation as per itinerary
  • Service of Chinese/English-speaking guide


DAY 2: INCHEON - JEONGSEON  (Lunch/Dinner)  仁川国际机场 –旌善


  • Gwangmyeong Cave - The cave was used when Korea was under Japanese rule from 1910 to 1945 for mining purposes and was staffed by forced laborers.The cave complex re-opened in 2011 for tourism purposes and now has historical exhibits, but is chiefly entertainment-focused, with aquariums, sculptures, light shows, children's amusements, and other attractions, including an underground winery. 
  • Korean Folk Village [INC: Traditional Village + Amusement Village Free pass] – introduces traditional culture from the late Joseon period to both local and international visitors through cultural classes experience, shaman faith, seasonal customs and others


  • 光明洞窟 - 韩国最优秀的洞窟主题公园光明洞窟是在曾经用于采取金、银、铜等矿产的矿山中融入文化与艺术的元素后所构建的一座充满神秘感的空间。
  • 韩国民俗村[含: 传统村和游乐村门票] - 韩国民俗村再现了朝鲜后期的生活, 是韩国人和外国人必去的一处名胜。整个民俗村占地面积30万坪 (约合99公顷) ,内部生动地展现了当时不同阶层的文化和生活方式。

(Breakfast/Lunch)  旌善 -平昌


  • Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike [4Pax per cart]:  is Korea's one and only ocean railbike facility that offers a landscape view of black pines and bizarre rocks merged together. Its double-tracked route of 5.4km follows the beautiful shoreline of the East Sea with a tunnel along its way that entertains bikers with fascinating luminarie and laser shows, giving feelings as if it is passing through a mysterious underwater tunnel. 
  • Chooam Candle Stick Rock - The rock formation has been around for hundreds of years. A famous sunrise festival is held here each year. Many people try to capture a photo of the sun rising off the horizon and match it with the rock formation so it looks like a candle.
  • Gangneung Unification Park - It’s composed of a Unification Security Pavilion that is a ship-shaped pavilion with display facilities and a Warship Pavilion. The land for the Warship Pavilion was reclaimed from the sea to provide the location for a captured North Korean submarine and decommissioned naval warship.
  • Gangneung Central Market - The market is divided into two main parts; one is a traditional market and the other is an underground fishery market. The second floor has a restaurant and coffee shops. Vendors display their products along the street, providing a typical scene of a traditional market and an opportunity to learn about the life of people in Gangneung.


  • 三陟海洋铁轨脚踏车[四人一辆] – 韩国唯一的海边铁轨脚踏车沿着优美的东海海岸线复线铁轨运行,总长5.4公里,铁路两边拥有油松林与奇岩怪石相映成趣,而经过彩灯艺术(luminaries)装饰和有激光表演的梦幻般隧道时,仿佛到神秘的海底隧道旅行一样。采用优美造型和环保设计的轻轨脚踏车是最佳旅游景点,您可以和亲朋好友及情侣一起,感受与众不同的快乐体验,在美丽的三陟留下美好的回忆。
  • 湫岩烛台岩 - 湫岩烛台岩为江原道东海市的著名景点之一,仿佛划破天际高耸入天的奇异岩石,似烛台般的样貌因而有烛台岩之称。还有10余座奇形异状的岩石与湫岩烛台岩一同屹立于东海岸,壮丽景观令人叹为观止。 
  • 江陵统一公园 - 江陵统一公园于2001年9月26日开放,之后在户外展厅额外展出了陆军坦克和野战炮等,是统一和安保教育场所。这里还最早展出了三军的装备,联合正东津日升景点,积极促进地区经济的发展。
  • 江陵中央市場 - 中央市場主要可分為傳統市場與地下的水產市場,1樓為電子產品、服飾、乾魚貨、鞋子、食材等的零售批發;2樓為餐廳、咖啡廳等;地下為鮮魚水產市場等,各式商品應有盡有。有別於其他傳統市場,這裡的一大特徵在於有著鱗次櫛比的路邊攤。透過這些現代市場難得一見的路邊攤,不僅能一窺江陵人的生活面貌,也能品嚐到當地的純樸美味。

(Breakfast/Lunch)  平昌-京畿

  • Sky Ranch [INC: Feeding Sheep + Tractor Riding] - is a huge ranch of 10 million sqm (2,471 acres). Over 400 cows, 100 sheep, 40 horses and goats graze in this vast natural grassland. The ranch was established in 1974 and is only opened to the public in 2014. Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch is also one of the largest dairy farms in Korea.
  • Everland with free Pass - As one of the world’s most popular outdoor amusement park, Everland features a large combination of leisure, ntertainment, education and culture. Explore the beautiful and splendid amusement park.​
  • 大关岭天空牧场[绵�喂食体验 + 拖拉机车] - 1974年建立的大关岭天空牧场至今已有40年的历史了,其面积是汝矣岛的三倍,占地面积多达9万平��米。��前,牧场中养殖了400余头奶牛和100余头有机韩牛,每年生产的1级原奶和大关岭韩牛产量高达1400多吨。并且,牧场通过最大限度控制人工开发,来为游客提供原生态大自然的真实体验 
  • 爱宝乐园 [含: 护照票] - 是一个包括动物园、游乐山、雪橇场、植物园等的大型主题公园,一年四季精彩不断,多样的娱乐设施和亲切至上的服务,是吸引游客的最大优势。


(Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)   京畿 - 首尔

  • Hot Place Museum - is a new concept of interactive zones that creates new values in one place through the convergence of art and technology. It is located in Garosu-gil, Gangnam, a representative street of Seoul.
  • Sinsadong Garosugil - The street (also known as ‘artists' street’) has an eccentric flair thanks to its variety of charmingly decorated coffee shops, and designer stores. Garosu-gil is particularly popular in autumn when the golden ginkgo leaves begin to fall.
  • Starfield Library – Located in the middle of COEX Central Plaza, Starfield Library offers visitors a perfect reading space. Two-floored library has 13-meter high bookshelf and soft lights to ease the eyes as well as various types of tables with electric plugs for those with laptops. With more than 50,000 books ranging from literature to hobbies as well as over 400 types of magazines, visitors can enjoy reading interesting books in the middle of a shopping center.
  • Ikseon-dong Hanok Village - Ikseon-dong's Hanok Village was first established in the 1920s, and with the passing of time, modernism caught up with tradition to create the unique atmosphere found here today. Despite its recent popularity as a tourist attraction, the village is still a lived-in neighborhood, home to many residents. 
  • Dongdaemun Market - Head over for Dongdaemun Market, one of the most popular wholesale shopping areas in Seoul among Koreans and tourists alike.


  • 韩国AR 体验圣地 - 透过AR 和媒体艺术,给您带来全新体验的体验型互动场地,让您感受丰富多彩的声音与虚幻的内容,留下动感和真实感十足的瞬间,也是网红最新打卡圣地,博物馆内有很多逗趣的场景。
  • 新沙洞林荫大道 - 新沙洞是首尔的时尚购物街,长达700多米的路边种上一排排银杏树,繁盛茂密的枝叶搭成一条天然的走廊,因此也叫做“新沙洞林荫道”。 聚集了个性十足的时装店和精巧独特的文具店,还有许多欧式露天咖啡厅和装潢别致的餐厅。
  • 星光庭院图书馆 - 星光庭院圖書館座落COEX Mall商場的正中間,以三層樓挑高的搭配天井設計,白天引入大量的自然光源,即使不點燈也很明亮,給人一種舒服自在的感覺,聽說晚上館內透過書架綻起點點燈光,彷彿就像星光閃閃般增添浪漫,與白天有著截然不同的感受
  •  益善洞韩屋村 - 自1920年起至今为首尔最古韩屋村,约有100多栋韩国传统家屋聚集在此。益善洞主要街道有100多年历史的韩屋所改造的个性商店、饮食店、民宿等,在这里不仅可以购物、享受美食,还可以近身感受到韩国文化。
  • 东大门 - 东大门市场是首尔最具代表性的市场之一被指定为服装批发特别商街。



  • Compulsory shopping stops: Ginseng Outlet, Healthy Liver Shop, Cosmetic Duty Free
  • Gyeongbok Palace - Gyeongbok Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty. **(Closed on every Tuesday)
  • Seaweed Museum [INC: DIY Gimbap Making + Hanbok Weaing]
  • N-Seoul Tower [EXCLUDE: Observatory] - the first tower-type tourism spot in Korea.
  • Myeongdong - Enjoy more shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts.​
  • 购物站:人参专卖店、健肝宝专卖店、美容化妆品免税店
  • 景福宫 - 景福宫是李朝(1392-1910年)时期首尔的五大皇宫之一也是李氏王朝的正宫。**(每逢星期二休馆) 
  • 紫菜博物馆 [含:体验自制紫菜卷 +韩服试穿体验] 
  • 南山首尔塔 [不含:展望台] -南山首尔塔是韩国最早的观光塔。塔高236.7米,建于海拔243米高的南山之上,塔身加上山体,实际高度可达480米,可谓是东亚第一高塔
  • 明洞 - 在这里,各种各样的品牌专卖店、百货店、保税商店等密集在一起,被称为时尚、流行的中心,在此可买到领导潮流的各种服装、鞋帽、饰物等等


  • Free at Leisure on your own expenses.  
  • 全天自由行 【不含司机导游】

(Breakfast)  首尔 – 仁川国际机场 - 新加坡

  • Today, some last minutes shopping at the Local Product Shop. Thereafter, proceed to Incheon airport for your departure flight back to Singapore. We hope you had an enjoyable and memorable vacation.



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