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8D Shanxi Cultural Tour

8D Shanxi Cultural Tour
  • 8 days
  • Group Tour
  • May 2020 - Oct 2020
  • SGD 1299

TripZilla CWTS1

133 New Bridge Road Unit 03-03/04/05/06, Singapore 059413


8Days Shanxi Cultural Tour (CWTS1)
Valid for travel from Apr'2020 onwards

Attractive highlights :


  • Experience the million-year Ice Cave National Geopark regarded as the world wonder.
  • Enjoy Seafood Buffet dinner in Taiyuan Pullman Hotel 


  • Shanxi’s World Heritage Sites: Yungang Grottoes, Mt. Wutai & Pingyao Ancient Town
  • Xuankong Si (Overhanging Monastery) at Mt. Hengshan- a strange yet wonderful building
  • Qiao's Compound –  the filming site of famous movie “Raise the Red Lanterns” by Zhang Yimou
  • Hukou Waterfall – most magnificent view on the Yellow River
  • ACCOMODATION:  1N stay at a nostalgic inn in Pingyao

  • DELICACIES:Wutai Vegetarian Cuisine, Taiyuan Jinyang Flavor, Yellow River Fish, Pingyao Snacks


  • Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Beijing, the capital of China.Upon arrival, we will take our coach to Datong.

(Meals Plan: Meals On Board, Dinner)


  • Datong is one of the northern cities in Shanxi and also an important northern transportation hub in China. In the morning, visit the Yungang Grottoes(battery-powered car ride included). It is a treasure trove of Buddhist carvings unrivaled in the world with a variety of more than 51,000 statues. Yungang Grottoes, together with Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang and Dunhuang Grottoes in Gansu, are considered as the Three Greatest Buddhist Grottoes in China. Next, visit the Nine Dragon Screen.  After that, we will visit Xuankong Si (Overhanging Monastery) at Mt. Hengshan,located at Hunyuan County,is a masterpiece of its kind in China. After that, head for Mt. Wutai.

(Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


  • Mt.Wutai is one of China’s four sacred Buddhist Mountains lying deep in an alpine valley enclosed by the five peaks. It has around 15 old temples and monasteries. Today, visit Xiantong Temple which is among the largest and oldest temples in Mt. Wutai. Then explorethe beautiful, white Tayuan Temple. With a pagoda in the center, the main hall at the front and the Buddhist scripture chamber at the back, this temple will leave you in awe. Visit Pusa Peak,also known as the “Little Potala”. Lastly, ask for blessings for you and your family at Wanfo Tower.  After lunch, continue on your coach journey to Taiyuan.

(Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


  • We will go to Qixian to visit the Qiao Family Compound in the morning. Built in 1755, this well-preserved and exquisite structure used to be the residence of Qiao Zhiyong, who was a famous businessman during the Qing Dynasty. Now it is reputed as the bright pearl of North China's residential architecture. It is also a masterpiece of northern residential household, where the famous movie 'Raise the Red Lanterns' was shot. We will continue on our coach journey to Hongdong for a visit to the Big Locust Tree, usedfor worshipping ancestors. After that, proceed to Hukou for our night’s stay.

(Meals Plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


  • Hukou Waterfall, located at the intersection of Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province, is the second largest waterfall in China. The magnificent waterfall of 15 meters high and 20 meters wide sees tremendous amount of water from the mighty Yellow River pouring down powerfully on the rocks. The waterfall is named Hukou (meaning the mouth of the teapot), because the water looks like it’s pouring down from a huge teapot. The scene is overwhelmingly beautiful. Next proceed to Yunqiushan Scenic Area for a visit to Tarpo Ancient Villagewhich has its own characteristics, such as unique house, shadow play etc(tram cart included). Watch the wedding performance at own expense. Highlight today will be the million-year Ice Cave National Geopark regarded as the World Wonder. We will depart for Linfen after appreciating this natural phenomenon.

(Meals Plan: Breakfast, Meals On Board)


  • Today’s highlight will surely be the famous Pingyao Ancient City, an UNESCO world heritage site(tram ride included). During the Qing Dynasty, Pingyao was a financial center of China. We will visit the Rishengchang Financial House Museum which is considered China’s first bank. Stroll down Qing Ming Street and feel the traditional atmosphere of 200 years ago. Afterwards, we will see the most well-preserved Pingyao County Office (‘Yamen’ in ancient Chinese sayings). After dinner, sit back and enjoy China’s first indoor live performance <See also Pingyao> at your own expense.


  • Taiyuan is one of China's key heavy industry center, and the capital of the landlocked Shanxi province in North China. Visit the Jin Ancestral Hall in the morning at own expense. Jin Ancestral Hall is the first imperial ancestral hall known as Shanxi’s Little Jiangnan. In the Coal Museumyou can board a small train toexperience a journey to a coal well and learn the whole process of coal mining. After lunch, visit the Vinegar Garden and learn about the vinegar manufacturing process and its culture. Tonight, enjoy the seafood buffet dinner at Pullman hotel in Taiyuan.


  • We bid farewell to Taiyuan in the morning and depart for Beijing by express train. Upon arrival, transfer to the airport for your international flight back to Singapore. We hope you have enjoyed the trip with CTC Travel!