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Flight to Taipei: $288 per pax for 2 Way Cathay Pacific Flight with Check-In Baggage

From : Groupon Singapore

Flight to Taipei: $288 per pax for 2 Way Cathay Pacific Flight with Check-In Baggage
  • 01 Dec 2013
  • 07 Dec 2013
  • Nov 2013 to Apr 2014
  • SGD288


Recommended Activities
View the CKS Memorial Hall, a monument built in memory of a former president
Revel in the grandeur of the Wufongchi Waterfall
Enjoy scenic views at the Taroko Gorge, one of Taiwan's 7 national parks
Experience the bustling activity at the Ray Fong Night Market
Get in touch with nature at the Sun Moon Lake, Lushan Hot Spring and Sun and Green Farm
Go on Taiwan's tallest skyscraper
Try famous Shihlin sausages and chicken steak at the Shihlin Night Market
Taste the best delicacies in Taiwan with the special gourmet meals

Great For
Foodie and shopping adventures
Cultural pursuits
Exciting getaways for couples and friends

Fine Print


  • 2 Way Cathay Pacific Flight to Taipei
  • 20kg Check-In Baggage
  • 7kg Hand-Carry Baggage
  • Meals onboard

General Fine Print
Travel by 30 Apr 2014
Book by 7 Dec 2013 or 5 working days in advance whichever is earlier
A surcharge of SGD50 per person applies for outbound or inbound travel for the following: 1-31 Dec 2013 and 28 Jan - 2 Feb 2014
One Hongkong stopover allowed on the return leg of the journey with applicable Hongkong airport taxes at $250 per pax
Unlimited Groupons per person, may buy multiple as gifts
Valid for min. stay of 2 days to max. stay of 30 days
Package is based on Cathay Pacific Airlines promotional air fares and subject to availability at time of booking
No cancellations and amendments allowed upon confirmation of booking
Excludes Singapore Airport taxes and Airlines Fuel Surcharge of $238 per pax (Subject to change)
Top up fares may be required to change to other airlines or booking classes if unavailable at time of booking
Passport is valid for at least 6 months from travel period
Voucher price excludes VISA and travel insurance, if required
Voucher price is inclusive of GST
See the rules that apply to all deals

Flight Schedule
For reference only and subject to availability
Singapore to Taipei (Transit in Hongkong)

SIN HKG 1255 1650 CX 690
SIN HKG 1005 1405 CX 736
SIN HKG 0805 1155 CX 710
SIN HKG 0650 1045 CX 650
SIN HKG 0805 1155 CX 710
SIN HKG 1255 1650 CX 690
SIN HKG 1005 1405 CX 736
SIN HKG 1255 1650 CX 690
SIN HKG 1630 2020 CX 734
SIN HKG 0650 1045 CX 650

HKG TPE 1740 1920 CX 470
HKG TPE 1515 1650 CX 510
HKG TPE 1320 1455 CX 564
HKG TPE 1220 1355 CX 406
HKG TPE 1330 1515 CX 466
HKG TPE 1830 2005 KA 482
HKG TPE 1555 1735 CX 472
HKG TPE 1855 2030 CX 402
HKG TPE 2245#0020 CX 408
HKG TPE 1320 1455 CX 564

TPE HKG 1305 1455 CX 511
TPE HKG 1120 1310 CX 475
TPE HKG 0825 1020 CX 407
TPE HKG 1205 1400 CX 421
TPE HKG 1620 1810 CX 405
TPE HKG 1205 1400 CX 421
TPE HKG 0705 0850 CX 465
TPE HKG 1120 1310 CX 475
TPE HKG 1500 1655 CX 467
TPE HKG 0920 1110 CX 403
TPE HKG 1010 1205 CX 469
TPE HKG 2020 2210 CX 531
TPE HKG 0610 0755 CX 463
TPE HKG 1935 2130 CX 451
TPE HKG 1930 2120 CX 401

HKG SIN 1600 1950 CX 711
HKG SIN 0905 1300 CX 759
HKG SIN 1425 1820 CX 735
HKG SIN 1135 1530 CX 739
HKG SIN 1515 1910 CX 635
HKG SIN 2000 2355 CX 715
HKG SIN 0130 0520 CX 659
HKG SIN 1515 1910 CX 635

Additional Add-Ons
Child Fare (2-11 yrs): $238 per pax, excludes taxes
Infant Fare (below 2 yrs) without seat: $198 (all taxes included)

Take a peek into the vibrant culture and entertainment that Taiwan has to offer with today's Groupon:

Today's Groupon
For $288 per pax, you get a 2 Way Cathay Pacific Flight to Taipei with 20kg Check-In Baggage (worth $498).

Deal Attractions
Known in the 17th Century as Formosa, roughly translated as "Beautiful Island", Taiwan boasts stunning landscapes that offer breathtaking views, as well as world famous attractions and landmarks. Visit notable landmarks in Taiwan such as the CKS Memorial Hall, the Xueshan Tunnel (5th longest in the world), Wu Fong Chi Waterfall, and Sun Moon Lake (largest natural lake in the country), among many others.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3

Hit the famous Taipei 101 Mall and the city's bustling Fengjia Night Market and Shihlin Night Market to get your days' worth of retail therapy and bargain hunting. Hunt the famous market for a wide range of local delicacies that it has to offer, enjoying the wide range of little eats that Taiwan is famous for, from BBQ squid, mochi, and a wide range of other fabulous eats.

Image 2

Groupon's Pick: Top 5 Must-Try Foods in Taiwan

Crispy Salt & Pepper Chicken - Renowned as one of Taiwan's most popular snack items, the Crispy Salt & Pepper Chicken can easily be found at virtually any night market in the country. Large chunks of chicken are dipped in batter and deep-fried, then seasoned with salt, pepper and often a bit of basil for an added burst of flavor.

Chou Doufu (Stinky tofu)- Not for the faint-hearted, the common belief surrounding Stinky Tofu is, the smellier, the better! A simple yet addictive dish prepared by frying fermented bean curd and traditionally served with picked vegetables.

Image 1

O-A-Mianxian (Oyster vermicelli) - Oyster mianxian, also known as Oyster vermicelli, is a must-try for anyone who professes even the vaguest of interests in food. Fresh oysters are cooked with red flour noodles, served in delicious thick broth and garnished with black vinegar and cilantro.

Bubble Tea- Bubble Tea, first originated in Taichung, Taiwan, and came about via combining black tea with chewy tapioca balls. Today, the drink is offered in a wide myriad of different flavors, all created to positively delight the human palate.

Image 2

Guancai Bread(Coffin Bread, 棺材)- A true-blue Taiwanese original, Coffin Bread got its moniker from resembling a coffin in appearance. A thick slice of bread is deep-fried and cut open to resemble a box and a lid, then filled with a thick, sumptuous chowder full of carrots, shrimp, potatoes and other meats.

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