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Osaka: Singapore Airlines Flights

From: Groupon Singapore

Osaka: Singapore Airlines Flights
  • 10 Jan 2015
  • 23 Dec 2014
  • Jan 2015 to Mar 2015
  • SGD848
Singapore Airlines is a multi-award winning airline, including recipient of Business Traveller UK’s Best Asian Airlines and Smart Travel Asia’s Best Cabin Service.
Visit the Osaka Castle, Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine, the Dotonbori shopping arcade, Universal Studios Japan, and more.

Fine Print
Book by Date: Jan 10, 2015.
Travel Period: Jan 2, 2015 – Mar 31, 2015.

Includes (for 1 person):
  • Return Singapore Airlines flights to Osaka, Japan.
  • Airport taxes (subject to change upon ticket issuing) and fuel surcharges.
  • 30kg hand-carry luggage and 7kg check-in baggage allowance.
  • In-flight meals.

General: Min. 2 people to travel. Min. 2, max. 14 days stay. Passports must have a min. validity of 6 months from expiry date on date of travel. Top up may be required if promotional class fares are unavailable. Ticket will be issued immediately once booking has been made. Rate is inclusive of applicable taxes and service charges. See the rules that apply to all deals.
Policies: No refund or cancellations allowed upon confirmation of bookings. No-shows forfeit Groupon.
Departure from Singapore on Fri and Sat: $10 per person.
Departure from Osaka on Sun and Mon: $10 per person.

The deal
Singapore Airlines return flights
  • Flights for 1 for $848 (up to $1,299 value)

Osaka, Japan: Spiritual Sanctum in Commercial City Sprawl
The Osaka district though recognised as the second smallest prefecture by size, holds a populous lot of up to 2.6 million making up 7% of the nation. Bustling past its electrifying state of current economic vibrancy and commerce, the city owes its culmination of culture, business, and arts to its central fixture West of Kobe and North of Sakai; forming a coastal cusp which formed the entryway for the welcoming of past dignitaries and explorers from China, Korea, and the Asian continent. The former Naniwazu Port saw excursions from foreign craftsmen and trade stalwarts during its operations in the 5th century, as well as the introduction and spread of Buddhism.
This seeping in of spiritual salience among Osaka’s kinsfolk spurred the sprouting of historical structures of worship and idolatry, with main exemplars including the Naniwanomiya Palace, considered to be the oldest palace in Japan, as well as Shitennoji Temple – built in 593 A.D by Prince Shotoku, marking a notch in the annals of his repertoire as unifier and advocate of Buddhism during the dogmatic rift between his Soga Clan and the conservative Shinto leanings of the Mononobe Clan. Now surrounded by the enveloping city expanse, the weathered beacon sits within a few minutes’ drive south from the Osaka Castle – an imposing display of legacy, with rebuilt walls, intricate gold leaf accents, and perching dolphin and tiger roof embellishments marking a lasting testament of perseverance and treasured heritage through the test of typhoons, wars, and the occasional strike of lightning.
Incorporated as a city in 1889, Osaka came into form as Japan’s largest city and the world’s sixth by the year 1925. Spurring forth from this scale of urban growth, the city tract of Osaka holds winding lines of subway routes, with the Osaka Loop Line circling central district haunts, while road travels come available through family-friendly car rentals providing motion through the stretch of the Hanshin Expressway, with designated city lots in Umeda and Namba offering handy parking convenience for further strolls within the city’s streets.
A glance into the buzzing street sights of Osaka yields travellers with a multitude of cuisine and leisure attractions immersed in ingrained appreciation for the varied native cultures and traditions. Quirky quests find cause in attractions such as the Konamon Museum – with exhibits and activities revolving around the making of Osaka staples of takoyaki octopus-filled snacks; or instead delve into the craft of making decorative plastic food samples at Morino Samples. Guests looking for actual edibles can venture further into local tachinomi standing bars serving deep-fried skewers, or kushi-katsu; in addition to local necessities of okonomi-yaki and yaki-soba, while sightseers eager to grasp the city’s vastness can find eagle-eye views overlooking the urban tract from the looming red Ferris wheel perched atop the Hankyu Entertainment Park in Umeda.

Flight schedule
Singapore to Osaka
SQ 616: Departure time: 2.05pm (GMT +8)
Arrival time: 9.20pm (GMT +9)

SQ 618: Departure time: 1.30am (GMT +8)
Arrival time: 8.45am (GMT +9)

Osaka to Singapore
SQ 619: Departure time: 11am (GMT +9)
Arrival time: 5.10pm (GMT +8)

SQ 615: Departure time: 11.30pm (GMT +9)
Arrival time: 5.40am (GMT +8)

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