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Complimentary Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights with Maybank Card

From: Maybank

Complimentary Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights with Maybank Card
  • 31 Aug 2016
  • Jul 2016 to Aug 2016
  • Complimentary
Complimentary Tickets to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights with Maybank Card

Complimentary tickets to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights™ 6 when you charge to your Maybank Credit Card!

For the sixth consecutive year, Maybank is proud to be the Official Card for the region’s highly anticipated event of the year!

From 27 July to 31 August 2016, simply charge a minimum required amount to your Maybank Credit Card and receive a pair of complimentary tickets to the most terrifying event of the year at Universal Studios Singapore®!

Experience 5 new haunted houses, 2 scare zones, 2 shows and thrilling rides!

Key info

  • Charge period: 27 July - 31 August 2016
  • Valid for Singapore-issued Personal Maybank Credit Cards only

Charge: S$3,000
Redeem: Two tickets to Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 6 worth S$138
Limited to the first 600 redemptions

How to redeem:
SMS to 79898 in this format after making your transaction(s):

<Redemption Code> <Name of Principal Cardmember> <NRIC> <Quantity>
E.g. HHN Jasmine Tan S1234567A 1

A maximum of 3 Card transactions may be combined and used only once to make one redemption (2 tickets). Each eligible Principal Cardmember may redeem up to a maximum of 3 redemptions (6 tickets). Eligible Principal Cardmembers will receive a redemption letter within 14 business days.

Terms and Conditions for Maybank Charge and Redeem: Halloween Horror Nights 6 ("Promotion")

  1. The required minimum amount of S$3,000 (“Minimum Spend”) must be charged to a Singapore-issued personal Maybank Credit Card (“Card”) from 27 July to 31 August 2016 (“Promotion Period”) in order to redeem two (2) Halloween Horror Nights 6 tickets (“Tickets”).
  2. This Promotion applies only to Principal Maybank Credit Cardmembers (the “Principal Cardmembers”). Supplementary Cardmembers are not eligible to redeem the Tickets. Maybank shall have the sole and absolute discretion to exclude any person from this Promotion without any obligation to furnish any notice and/or reason and Maybank’s decision on all matters with regards to this Promotion shall be final, conclusive and binding on all cardmembers.
  3. To be eligible to make a redemption, Principal Cardmembers must send an SMS to Maybank after they have charged the Minimum Spend amount to their Card(s) during the Promotion Period. If Maybank receives an SMS in the format as specified by the Bank within the Promotion Period, the Principal Cardmember will receive an auto-reply SMS from Maybank acknowledging receipt of the SMS. An auto-reply SMS from Maybank does not constitute eligibility for redemption. Maybank will not consider any SMS sent in the wrong format, any SMS with incorrect details or any SMS sent prior to the required amount being charged to the Cardmember’s Card account. Proof of sending an SMS does not constitute proof of Maybank’s receipt of the SMS. For the avoidance of doubt, only Principal Cardmembers who send an SMS in the correct format with the correct details after charging the Minimum Spend amount to their Card accounts shall be eligible for the redemption (the “Eligible Cardmembers”).
  4. The Promotion is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to the first 600 eligible redemptions only. Eligible Cardmembers will receive a redemption letter within fourteen (14) business days via post to the last known address of the Eligible Cardmember on Maybank’s records. Tickets redeemed are not exchangeable for credit, cash or in kind. Tickets are valid on selected event nights at Halloween Horror Nights 6 and strictly no extension or variation will be allowed. Except for notifications to the Eligible Cardmembers, Maybank is not obliged to enter into any correspondence with any person on any matter concerning the Promotion.
  5. Tickets are valid for redemption from 10 August to 27 September 2016. Eligible Cardmembers who do not redeem the Tickets for any reason whatsoever shall not be entitled to any payment or compensation notwithstanding non-receipt of the redemption letter(s) or notification.
  6. Eligible Cardmembers may redeem a maximum of three (3) sets of Tickets (total of six (6) tickets) during the Promotion Period regardless of the number of Cards held by the Eligible Cardmember and/or the aggregate amount spent on the Cards.
  7. Subject to clause 8 below, eligible card retail transactions charged by the Principal Cardmember and his/her supplementary cardmember(s) (if any) may be combined and used only once to redeem the Tickets. A maximum of three (3) Card transactions may be combined to make one (1) redemption unless otherwise notified by Maybank. 
  8. Transactions charged to the Card will not be taken into account as the required Minimum Spend includes (but not limited to):
    1. Transactions used for other Maybank promotions (e.g. Charge and Redeem)
    2. 0% Instalment Plan transactions
    3. FlexiPay, FlexiCash, Fund Transfer and Cash Advance transactions
    4. Fees and charges (e.g. annual fees, interest charges, finance charges, cash advance fees, late charges, cheque processing fees and other miscellaneous fees and charges etc.)
    5. Recurring Bill Payments
    6. Income Tax Payments
    7. Payments at government agencies (e.g. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, Ministry of Manpower, Singapore Land Authority, SP Services etc.)
    8. Payment to financial institutions (e.g. banks, securities brokerage firms, insurance companies etc.)
    9. Payment of funds to pre-paid accounts (e.g. EZ-Link transactions, Transit Link transactions etc.)
    10. Online payment gateway transactions (e.g. PayPal, Skrill and Bidpay etc.)
    11. Gambling transactions
    12. Transactions that receive 5% or more rebates offered by Maybank in respect of other promotions on the Card (regardless of whether or not a Cardmember receives the full rebate) and/or ten (10) times or more TREATS Points on the amount charged
    13. Any transaction deemed to be of a business and/or corporate nature
  9. Maybank reserves the right to vary or substitute the Tickets at its sole discretion without prior notice or liability to any person.
  10. Cardmembers shall accept the Tickets(s), goods and service(s) “as is”, as the case may be. Maybank is not the supplier of the Tickets and any related service(s) and makes no representation or warranty whatsoever as to the quality, merchantability and/or the fitness of purpose of the Tickets and service(s) provided and assumes no liability or responsibility for the acts or defaults of the merchant or for any non-delivery, non-performance or defects in the goods and service(s). Maybank is not an agent of the merchant. Any dispute over the Tickets(s) and/or service(s) should be resolved directly between the Cardmember and the merchant.
  11. Maybank, its related corporations, employees and/or independent contractors shall not be liable to any person for any loss, injury, liability, expense and/or damage whatsoever or howsoever incurred or sustained by the Cardmember and/or any other person by reason of, arising from or in connection with the Promotion and/or use of the Tickets or any service, product or facility of any merchant and/or transactions that are processed late, incorrectly or lost due to computer or other electronic breakdown or malfunction or for any other reason.
  12. In the event where (i) there should be no Card transaction(s) corresponding to the Card transaction(s) used to redeem the Tickets(s), (ii) any eligible Card transaction used to redeem the Tickets(s) is cancelled or reversed (in full or in part) by any party for any reason and at any time, (iii) a redemption under another Maybank promotion is made using the same Card transaction(s) used for this Promotion, or (iv) it is determined by Maybank that an Eligible Cardmember has breached one of the terms stated herein, Maybank reserves the right to charge the full retail value of the Tickets(s) redeemed by an Eligible Cardmember to the Eligible Cardmember’s Card account or deduct it from any other account that the Eligible Cardmember maintains with Maybank.  
  13. Maybank may vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions, or withdraw, suspend or discontinue this Promotion at any time without prior notice or liability to any person.
  14. Additional terms and conditions stated in the redemption letter issued by Maybank shall also apply together with the terms and conditions of the merchant. Entry into the event with the Tickets shall be at the sole discretion of the merchant.
  15. Maybank’s decision on all matters relating to this Promotion shall be final, conclusive and binding on all cardmembers.
  16. The Promotions are not valid in conjunction with other Maybank offers, promotions, in-house offers, discount cards, loyalty programmes and vouchers, unless otherwise stated.
  17. In the event of any inconsistency between these term and conditions and any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to the Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  18. All prevailing and relevant Maybank Credit Card Terms and Conditions or Agreement shall apply. For full details, please visit

Important Note: Warning! Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 13. No costumes or masks allowed.

Note : All travel products (tour packages, travel deals, cruises packages etc) featured are offered by third party providers. As such, the details such as itineraries, pricing and availability are subjected to changes and they should always be confirmed with the relevant providers.