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Fly to Europe from SGD671 on British Airways

From : British Airways

Fly to Europe from SGD671 on British Airways
  • 31 Jan 2017
  • Jan 2017 to Dec 2017
  • SGD 671
Fly to Europe from SGD671 on British Airways

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ECONOMY - Year Round Fares BUSINESS - Year Round Fares
Destination Prices from   Destination Prices from  
Sydney SGD671 Book now Sydney SGD3791 Book now
Barcelona SGD1127 Book now Barcelona SGD5877 Book now
Amsterdam SGD1132 Book now Amsterdam SGD5882 Book now
Rome SGD1150 Book now Rome SGD5900 Book now
Zurich SGD1158 Book now Zurich SGD5908 Book now
Manchester SGD1193 Book now Berlin SGD5944 Book now
Berlin SGD1194 Book now Frankfurt SGD5978 Book now
London SGD1217 Book now Manchester SGD6063 Book now
Frankfurt SGD1228 Book now London SGD6086 Book now
Edinburgh SGD1333 Book now Edinburgh SGD6202 Book now
New York SGD1519 Book now New York SGD7288 Book now
Boston SGD1519 Book now Boston SGD7288 Book now
San Jose (CA) SGD1656 Book now San Jose (CA) SGD7463 Book now
PREMIUM ECONOMY - Year Round Fares FIRST - Year Round Fares
Destination Prices from   Destination Prices from  
Sydney SGD1391 Book now Sydney SGD6691 Book now
Barcelona SGD2467 Book now Barcelona SGD10677 Book now
Amsterdam SGD2471 Book now Amsterdam SGD10682 Book now
Rome SGD2490 Book now Rome SGD10700 Book now
Zurich SGD2498 Book now Zurich SGD10708 Book now
Berlin SGD2534 Book now Berlin SGD10744 Book now
Frankfurt SGD2567 Book now Frankfurt SGD10778 Book now
Manchester SGD2663 Book now Manchester SGD10863 Book now
London SGD2686 Book now London SGD10886 Book now
Edinburgh SGD2803 Book now Edinburgh SGD11002 Book now
New York SGD3325 Book now Boston SGD13088 Book now
Boston SGD3389 Book now New York SGD13088 Book now
San Jose (CA) SGD3465 Book now San Jose (CA) SGD13263 Book now

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Year round airfares are quoted in Singapore dollars and include all government taxes, fees and surcharges.
  2. Travel from now to 31 December 2017.
  3. Fares are correct as of 30 November 2016 but may fluctuate due to changes in exchange rates, surcharges and taxes.
  4. Higher fares apply for travel outside these travel dates.
  5. The cost of travel between airports is not included in your fare.
  6. Fares differ for other destinations.
  7. Offer is subject to availability and seats are limited.
  8. British Airways reserves the right withdraw or amend this offer without prior notice.
  9. Other terms and conditions apply.

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