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Grab your Ticket for Next Getaway in Malaysia Airlines from SGD106

From : Malaysia Airlines

Grab your Ticket for Next Getaway in Malaysia Airlines from SGD106
  • 01 Jul 2017
  • Jun 2017 to Sep 2017
  • SGD 106
Grab your Ticket for Next Getaway in Malaysia Airlines from SGD106

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Book now until 01 July 2017 for travel from 19 June until 30 September 2017

Destinations Economy Class Price From Destinations Business Class Price From
Adelaide SGD 572 Book  Alor Setar SGD 526 Book 
Alor Setar SGD 146 Book  Auckland SGD 3405 Book 
Auckland SGD 855 Book  Bangkok SGD 616 Book 
Bandar Seri Begawan SGD 266 Book  Beijing SGD 1203 Book 
Beijing SGD 333 Book  Bengaluru SGD 917 Book 
Bengaluru SGD 346 Book  Bintulu SGD 646 Book 
Bintulu SGD 196 Book  Chennai SGD 906 Book 
Chennai SGD 335 Book  Colombo SGD 926 Book 
Colombo SGD 354 Book  Delhi SGD 941 Book 
Delhi SGD 390 Book  Denpasar-Bali SGD 604 Book 
Dhaka SGD 396 Book  Dhaka SGD 989 Book 
Guangzhou SGD 313 Book  Guangzhou SGD 953 Book 
Ho Chi Minh City SGD 194 Book  Ho Chi Minh City SGD 614 Book 
Hyderabad SGD 359 Book  Hyderabad SGD 930 Book 
Jakarta SGD 200 Book  Jakarta SGD 600 Book 
Kathmandu SGD 427 Book  Kathmandu SGD 927 Book 
Kota Bharu SGD 146 Book  Kota Bharu SGD 526 Book 
Kota Kinabalu SGD 196 Book  Kota Kinabalu SGD 646 Book 
Kuala Lumpur SGD 106 Book  Kuala Lumpur SGD 376 Book 
Kuala Terengganu SGD 146 Book  Kuala Terengganu SGD 526 Book 
Kuantan SGD 166 Book  Kuantan SGD 646 Book 
Kuching SGD 166 Book  Kuching SGD 646 Book 
Labuan SGD 196 Book  Labuan SGD 696 Book 
Langkawi SGD 136 Book  Langkawi SGD 526 Book 
Manila SGD 220 Book  London-Heathrow SGD 4668 Book 
Medan Kuala Namu SGD 178 Book  Manila SGD 850 Book 
Melbourne SGD 584 Book  Melbourne SGD 2043 Book 
Miri SGD 166 Book  Miri SGD 646 Book 
Mumbai SGD 372 Book  Mumbai SGD 935 Book 
Penang SGD 136 Book  Penang SGD 466 Book 
Perth SGD 425 Book  Perth SGD 1138 Book 
Phnom Penh SGD 269 Book  Phuket SGD 666 Book 
Sandakan SGD 196 Book  Sandakan SGD 696 Book 
Siem Reap SGD 269 Book  Shanghai SGD 1203 Book 
Sydney SGD 584 Book  Sibu SGD 646 Book 
Tawau SGD 196 Book  Sydney SGD 2057 Book 
Tokyo Narita SGD 450 Book  Taipei SGD 957 Book 
Yangon/Rangoon SGD 221 Book  Tawau SGD 696 Book 
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